Checklist for Netbook Installation & FAQ

Checklist for Netbook Installation

  • Plug into power source
  • Connect to TV using VGA cord
  • Boot netbook
One-time Config:
  • Find Wi-Fi via network shortcut on desktop
  • Open display control panel. Enable TV panel
Boot chrome: (Don't use IE8 or Firefox)
  • Login
  • F11 to full screen
  • Move mouse away from scroll areas
Close lid. Tidy up wiring for safe storage.

  1. Disconnect power, retain TV cable
  2. Open lid. Hold the power button to shut down
  3. Press power button to start up
  4. Boot chrome - login - F11
  5. Close lid, tidy up.

About Netbook Setup
  • System preset to retain power with closed lid
  • System auto-restarts at 8am local time - to get updates
  • Maintenance/changes from tEarn
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